The Snowbirds Are Coming!

I had no idea what to expect when people said, “the Snowbirds are coming” until I experienced the influx first-hand last winter.  “The season,” as they call it starts from about mid-October and runs through the end of March with a few stragglers lingering through April.  So, just about the time the weather starts changing from hot and unbearably humid (think of your worst hair day and multiply it by 4 months) to warm breezes and delightfully comfortable; an estimated 145,000 temporarily move down here to share in the delight.  That’s about an 11% increase in a short amount of time, according to the Palm Beach Post. And, what that means to those of us that are just trying to get through the day-to-day is everything, and I mean everything is just a little bit more of a pain.  It’s like adding a 3 yr-old to your family any time you are trying to get somewhere quickly.  And some of my friends actually have a 3 yr-old in tow so may the Lord be with you!

You start the day off with positivity and deep breaths.  Your inner voice says, “We all want to enjoy this paradise that is south Florida!  Relax, try not to think about how it took you 30 minutes to get somewhere that took 10 minutes just one month ago.  Why oh why is everyone on the road at 7:25 AM???”  By lunchtime even your most well-practiced yoga breathing can’t get you through the long line at the deli counter at Publix.  Your smile has faded to the gritted teeth emoji.  And by dinner you are downing glasses of wine to take the edge off.  Don’t even think about doing that in public though, because you would have to wait at least 2 hours to sit down at dinner and enjoy those sips (or gulps). Drinking behind closed doors in the winter is encouraged here.  Well, actually in the winter it’s drinking on the lanai (covered porch for my southern friends, y’all).

But as we all know, with the Snowbirds come an influx of money that helps support many of the businesses that we get to enjoy all year long.  And, getting to see some of their amazing cars on the road is a dream come true for my kids.  I just hope they don’t expect to get a Maserati for their 16th birthday.

Now that my family is a little more prepared for the population surge this year, I genuinely appreciated reading this article on how to get ready for “the season”.  If you need me in the next few weeks I’ll either be at the doctor, the library, the mechanic, the pool or Costco.  And after all of those errands, let’s meet at a beach bar and enjoy the calm before the storm.

Thanks for the great list, Florida Weekly!

Do it now – Florida Weekly