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Who are the Fishers?

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My name is Katy Fisher and I love a good adventure!  Traveling to a new place opens your eyes like nothing else and clears away the cobwebs.  It’s like having a double shot of espresso without the afternoon caffeine crash.  As an added bonus, seeing a new place through the eyes of a child is just… MAGICAL.  I have a passion for travel and I think that you don’t always have to go far to get out of your comfort zone.  With a little bit of planning even a trip to a local museum can transform a whine-fest into a giggle-fest.  But have no fear, there will be wine sometimes!

“The Fishers” are my rock, and my family of four who recently relocated from Winston-Salem, NC to Jupiter, FL.   North Carolina is my home and where I went to college, GO HEELS!  Southern women don’t lie and I’m no exception, we just sugar-coat things.   I currently volunteer in our community and plan trips to explore Florida when I am not tackling all of the other important things that moms do…like keeping sane while raising children.  We miss our family, friends and the changing seasons, but Florida is growing on us.

I also love cooking but not baking – I have no patience for the precision it takes!  And since I love to cook and have kids, staying active is mandatory for health and mental stamina.

I am passionate about houses as well.  I was a Realtor in NC.  Nothing gets me more excited than walking through a house to see it’s potential, especially old homes with character.

I’m also a slave for fashion which creates a new challenge, since 60% of the year in South Florida the temperature is above 90 degrees with high humidity.  How many different ways can you style a tank top?

This blog is our family’s journey through the Sunshine State, one road trip at a time! To say we are fish out of water is an understatement. Exploring with two curious kids doesn’t always go as planned, but we have a lifetime of memories along the way. Traveling with kids can be intimidating and I hope to offer up a few suggestions to inspire you and plan outings in Florida that are fun for everyone, not just the family members with juice boxes!

As we have quickly realized, there’s no end to the adventures in Florida!  I hope to make it a little less overwhelming for you to plan a day trip, a weekend away or a weeklong vacation in the Sunshine State.

Happy travels and don’t forget the sunscreen!


Florida sunrise over the east coast




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