Visit to a Pumpkin Patch – Bedner’s Farm

Ahh, fall!  The cool, crisp air, the sound of leaves crunching under your feet, hot apple cider…oh but, we are in Florida.  Getting to my “happy fall place” takes a little more effort when it’s 85 degrees and there are still wet pool towels on the laundry room floor.  Don’t worry, the pumpkin obsession still makes its way down to south Florida and we are really enjoying the pumpkin almond milk with our cereal (Please say that we never really find that in the grocery store!).  We are quickly learning that getting in the spirit takes a little bit more effort and we are happy to cheer on the changing of the seasons.

So, yes you can buy pumpkins at the grocery store here.  But, where is the fun in that?  It took a little research but, we found a pumpkin patch about 45 miles (yes, I said miles) south of us at a local farmer’s market.  We thought it would be a great adventure so we hit the road, along with several hundred other people on Saturday.  Apparently we aren’t the only ones who have a little fall nostalgia.  The people in jeans and plaid button downs win because we got warm just walking to the end of our row of the field we parked in, and we were wearing shorts and flip flops.  Bedner’s Farm is in Boynton Beach and just off the Florida Turnpike.  It’s much more than a pumpkin patch, more like a mini fall festival with a petting zoo, bounce houses, corn maze and pony rides.  There are food trucks, roasted corn on the cob and local favorites like apple cider doughnuts.

Bedner's Farm 1
Pumpkins and cucumbers as far as the eye can see.

They have a wide variety of pumpkins and charge by size – bonus, they accept credit cards.  The prices are not cheaper than the grocery stores but, as they mention, you are supporting local growers and I love the thought of that, even if it is a few dollars more.  The pumpkins are lined up in rows for easy “picking”.  They are actually lying in a field of cucumber plants but, that’s just a technicality.  They look adorable and are a great backdrop for pictures. See ours below.  Try not to notice the sweat on our brow.

Bedner's Farm 2
They have carving pumpkins too. We just liked the cute, kid-sized ones

If you want a large pumpkin display on your front stoop, you can borrow a wagon to take them back to your car – a nice touch.

We didn’t try the corn maze but, we heard it was a lot of fun.  Check out the produce at the farmer’s market and learn more about Bedner’s sustainable farming practices.  The fall festival runs through Nov. 1st.  They are open year round and have seasonal fruits and vegetables that you can pick yourself including strawberries, peppers, tomatoes and sunflowers.  We will be back for tomato season, which begins in December (seriously).

Happy Fall Y’all!

Quick tips for busy moms:

1.  Visit on a weekday if possible, the crowds can get large on the weekends.
2.  You can be in and out in 30 min or stay for a half-day, depending on your patience.
3.  You can purchase food and drinks but, you are allowed to bring in your own so it wouldn’t hurt to pack drinks to help keep cool.
4.  It’s a farm so you are walking on grass and sometimes wet grass and hay.  Wear shoes that you don’t mind getting a little messy.

5.  Check their website for hours and weekend happenings.
6.  When in Florida, don’t forget the sunscreen!

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